Happy 4th of July from the WSHS Band Boosters

Good day fellow Band Booster members.



We hope you have a relaxing and fun 4th of July weekend.  This is a great time to be with friends and family,  and think about how we are blessed with such great liberty in the United States.

You will likely see a lot of huge 4th of July sales over the next week.  Please see the following note regarding our upcoming band fund raiser. You can download a copy of the fundraiser file here.


HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!  It’s a great time to help spread the word while celebrating during this long weekend!  

If you need a new Mattress, don’t worry about going to all those retail stores sales this weekend offering up holiday deals…We will already be less expensive as everything at our fundraiser will be 30% – 50% OFF RETAIL!

I love buying local, whether from my friends that own small businesses (like me), “mom and pop stores” or from a kid coming by my house with a candy bar for sale.  

But this fundraiser is different from all others because we are not asking anyone to purchase something they don’t necessarily need…BUT they can save a bunch of money on their mattress while also supporting the White Station Band!  You just can’t do that with a regular retail purchase and it’s a great feeling when everybody wins! 

So tell EVERYONE at your get togethers and firework shows this weekend about our fundraiser and help make it a HUGE success for the kids!  Thanks so much and have a safe and wonderful 4th!

https://twitter.com/cfsmemphistn #MattressFundraiser

Please let us know if you have any question. You can reach the WSHS Band Booster officers at:

Kindest Regards,

WSHS Band Boosters



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