Upcoming Events

Greetings Spartan Band Members and Spartan Band Supports.

We hope you had a wonderful summer, and we would like to extend a very warm welcome to all incoming Freshmen and their parents.

Please see the following listing of upcoming events. You will also find these detailed in the band calendar.

All Booster meetings will be the 1st Thursday of each month

            Beginning July 21, 28, August 4, 11, 18, etc. we will try to hold car washes at the school outside the band room


July 16 – Officers, section heads, section leaders (8-5)

July 17-18 – All above mentioned and 9-10th graders (8-5)

July 19-20 – All band members (8-5)

July 23-27 – All band members (8-5)

August 2-3 – All band members (2:30-6:30)


All practices will be Tuesday, Thursday 2:30-5 after school

Mondays may be applied earlier on if needed due to the high volume of students not showing up to band camp


Game schedule 2018:

  • 8/17 – @ Briarcrest (5:15 pm call) bus leaves at 5:45
  • 8/24 – @ DeSoto Central (5pm call) bus leaves at 5:45
  • 8/31 – @ CBHS (5:30 pm call) bus leaves at 6
  • 9/7 – v. Hernando @ Halle Stadium (5:30 call time) bus leaves at 6
  • 9/14 – v. Arlington @ Rhodes College (5:30 call time) bus leaves at 6
  • 9/21 – @ Bartlett (5:30 call time) bus leaves at 6
  • 9/28 – @ Montgomery Bell Academy (WE ARE NOT GOING)
  • 10/5 – v. Germantown (Homecoming) @ Fairgrounds (5:30 call time) bus leaves at 6
  • 10/12 – Open Week, NO Game
  • 10/19 – @ Whitehaven (WE ARE NOT GOING)
  • 10/26 – v. Central @ Fairgrounds (5:30 call time) bus leaves at 6
  • 11/2 – 1st Round Playoffs
  • 11/9 – 2nd Round Playoffs
  • 11/16 – 3rd Round Playoffs
  • 11/23 – 4th Round Playoffs
  • 12/1 – State Championship


Concert Schedule:

  • 10/18 Fall Concert 6:30 start
  • 12/7 Potential date for Collierville Christmas parade
  • 12/11 Holiday Concert 6:30 start
  • 3/7 Spring Concert 6:30 start
  • 5/8 Chamber/Solo Ensemble Concert 6:30 start
  • 5/9 Final Concert 6:30 start


General Calendar Information

  • January 12 – All West Band/Jazz auditions (Briarcrest HS)
  • February 14-16 – All West Clinic (Cook Convention Center)
  • March 7 – Concert Festival
  • April 8 – WTSBOA Jazz Festival
  • April 10-14 – All State Clinic and Convention


Kindest Regards

White Station Band Boosters

Band Camp News

Hello Everyone,

I know that an email has recently gone out to all of the Freshman parents concerning the cancellation of Freshman Orientation due to safety concerns.  The school is undergoing a very much needed upgrade of our HVAC systems, the new central garden project, the pending repaving of the parking lots, etc.  At the present time, it appears that the majority of the work is running well behind, thus, making it not safe for students to come on campus.

After having been on campus the last couple of days, I cannot bring your children to the school as there is not one place in the entire school that has been completed and could be deemed safe to bring students in for any activity.  I am waiting for more information as to the timetable of completion so that our band camp may ensue unimpeded.  Currently, our administration is working diligently to communicate with the school board to gather information about this predicament.

At the moment, I am keeping the schedule as is should the work be completed on time.  However, after having been in the band room (and the rest of the school), there is no way we could possibly do anything as the room has effectively been disassembled.  I currently do not have access to any lockers nor instruments in any usable fashion.  We also do not have a place anywhere in the school to practice.

Please check back here periodically as I do not have another manner to easily reach everyone, including the Freshman families.  For those of you that do see this, please share with other families as many do not look here, respond to emails, nor look at the Facebook page.

Brian Sims