Band Camp news

Hello Everyone,

I have recently received word that our band room will not be finished until July 26th.  This means that we are not able to bring students in until the week after assuming the work is completed on schedule.  This will mean that we will only be on campus August 2-3, 2:30-6:30, followed by school starting the next week and after school rehearsals.

Regarding our options at the moment, I would first like to acknowledge and thank all of the students and parents that have instantly reached out to try to help find our group places to work.  This shows the strength and care that our families have and I really appreciate the care that everyone takes in our students.  Thank you!

At the moment, the following two options appear to be the best and I am waiting on responses to see which one will work for us: White Station Middle School and Shady Grove Presbyterian Church.  I am waiting on a response from the principals (from both schools) to see if the Middle School is an option as it would be ideal for everything we need.  Mr. Scott is okay with us using his space but we need to obtain permission from Dr. Danley.  I am reaching out to the church this weekend as well just in case, but the Middle School would by far be the most logical choice considering everything we typically do during rehearsal time.

As things stand, the following will be the schedule for this week (I apologize as this will need to be given one week at a time until I have definitive answers on where and what we are able to accomplish):

Monday, July 16th – All Officers and Section Leaders/Heads will meet from 10-1 at the Main Library on Poplar:

Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library – Memphis Public Library
Public Library
Memphis, TN
(901) 415-2700

Tuesday, July 17th – will be a day off

Wednesday, July 18th – All officers, section leaders/heads will meet at the band room from 10-1 to prepare setup of the instruments and paperwork for all other students.  I have cleared this with the administration and am requesting that we have that time free from any work being done in our area.

Thursday and Friday, July 19-20 – Timing to be announced based upon approval of playing space.  However, all students will need to come at the earliest time provided (once I am able to give that time) so they may check out an instrument.  Unless I am able to take instruments with our trailer to the specified location, students will have to come to us for this.  I will try to work the latter option out but everything depends on our practice location.

Please continue to bear with me on what is but a temporary sidetrack to the start of the year.  Once we are able to get things going, I have no doubt we will be able to create wonderful music given the strong musicianship we are blessed to have.

Thank you for your patience!

Brian Sims

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