Band Camp Update 7/16

Hello Everyone,

As of now, we do not have access to WSMS, and I do not feel comfortable lining the field of a supportive church.  After talking to Mrs. Holland from our school, we are being given the opportunity to utilize the Freshman building across the way from the band room (the stand alone building closest to Poplar and Walgreens).  We will still be using the field on campus as we always have.  The schedule at the moment will be as follows:

Tuesday – No practice

Wednesday – 10-1 (Includes all officers and section leaders/heads)  This is also the best day if the opportunity is present for any student needing an instrument to come to the school to check one out.

Thursday – 9:30-5:30  This will be the first full practice and will include all band members.  Unfortunately, due to the work on the school, we are unable to host the Freshman camp as we have in the past.  All students are expected to attend.

Friday – 8-5 Again, this is required of all students regardless of grade level.

Once I know more, Thursday or Friday, I will let everyone know about next week.  I apologize that I do not have more information but I am trying to make everything work and am trying to schedule space with the football team which is also scrambling to make their practices happen.  Thank you all for your patience!

Brian Sims

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