Band Camp 7/23-7/27

Hello everyone,

In order to get caught up on the time lost due to all of the school construction, we will be running band camp this week from 9:30-6:30.  This will not only give us time to get caught up on the music but we will hopefully be able to work outside when it is cooler both in the mornings and afternoons, avoiding the heat of the middle of the day.  Hopefully, the Freshman lot will be finished this week and we will be able to start car washes outside the band room which we do each year on Saturdays.  More information on that will come as I find out our options.

Also, two forms should have been brought home:  A student information form that lets me be aware of any allergies or medical conditions and provides me with parent email information to be added to the email list, and an instrument rental form.  There is no fee for using school instruments, but if any damage occurs during the time of use, I request that you take care of any repairs needed.  The latter form requires a parent signature thus stating that you agree to and understand this.  We are blessed to have many instruments to share but they require constant upkeep.  Wear and tear is something I pay for, but damage is entirely different (dropping, stepping on, banging into a doorway, breaking keys or denting slides, valves or any portion of the instrument not already damaged).  Both of these forms need to be turned in Monday morning.  Especially the form allowing your child to use our instrument(s).

If you are not receiving emails yet, send a note to us here on the site so I may add you or send me an email requesting it at  I am trying to add everyone I have been in contact with but know I am missing several students, many of which have not shown up for camp the last couple of days.

Thank you,

Brian Sims

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