Band Fees 2019-20

Hello to everyone,

I have trimmed as much as possible for this year and still have to raise the price of band fees for everyone – I’m sorry.  We still have the lowest fees of any school with a program our size but a couple things have changed this year that have altered the amount for us all.

First, I no longer have the time to write the shows for the band and have been paying other musicians that do it for a living to help write for us.  This means that after obtaining the rights to the songs (which can range anywhere from $150-$1500/song), I have hired people I trust to create a show for us.  I will continue to look for shows that hold interest for our group while being challenging, while keeping the cost of the show in mind.

With this said, this is only one portion of what I call the fair share amount.  It would be impossible to charge for each individual event, especially for only the event that your child(ren) are attending.  Thus, the reason for the fair share amount.  If anyone wishes to see the breakdown of the fees and how it is obtained, please let me know and I will gladly share it with you.  I will also have this with me at the meeting (in the WSHS band room) on the 17th.  The band fair share amount this year is $210, $30 up from last year.  Some things increased in price (buses, cost for competitions, etc.), while other elements have stayed the same.

I look forward to meeting everyone and having a great year with the band.  If you have any time and are willing to help with any of our functions, even if only for one time, please contact our boosters through the website and they will share our upcoming events and what we need help with – as we always need parental help.  Fundraisers will be up on the calendar as soon as we have all of the information set which will also offset the cost of the fair share amount.  Again, much of this will be discussed on the 17th at 6pm in the band room.

Brian Sims

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