Ensemble list for 2020-21

Attached is the ensemble listing for this coming year. At the moment, after conversations with Mrs. Holland, we are currently not having band camp until SCS has a plan in place and/or a vaccine is created to protect all students and their families.

Band slide show 2019-20


Thank you to the officers and everyone that contributed to the creation and delivery of this. Normally, we would have this to share during the end of the year band banquet, but that could not happen this year. Also, awards, as I have always provided, could not happen for the same reasons.

I miss working with all of you and hope to see all of you at band camp (assuming we are allowed to still have it). For those seniors that I was able to see during the “Graduation drive through,” I am glad I had one more opportunity to say goodbye. This has been a challenging year and I look forward to the year ahead and making it as amazing as it can be no matter what form it takes. The band leadership team is, again, very strong this year and already working very well together.

I will post updates on band camp and such once I actually have information that is viable and relevant. For now, enjoy the slide show and thank you to everyone for a great year. Enjoy the summer and be safe!