2020-21 Band News (updated)

For those of you wishing to be updated with information as it is posted to this site with news of the band, please either sign up with the follow button in the bottom right hand corner of this site. Also, we post information on our Facebook page, and Remind (please sign up if you have not already).

Please join the Remind associated with your ensemble or your child’s parent group listed here:

Symphonic Band – a743b; Symphonic Band Parents – 6h9e7; Jazz Band – 815cb5; Jazz Band Parents – b6eh6; Wind Ensemble – 8643g; Wind Ensemble Parents – gcb63; Marching Band – 0bd04; Color Guard (parents and students) – wshscolor; Honors Music Theory – bke26b; AP Music Theory – 815cb

Updated information for all classes:

Honors and AP Music Theory: We will have a normal class and be in class, online everyday. We will still be able to work through all of the required information. I have added Flat.io to Teams which we will use for sharing music in class, and have a Padlet site, https://padlet.com/wk5tt9zpj8/Bookmarks, with information and staff paper available as well. We will discuss this in class, but the usage of Padlet will allow us to keep running records of work given in class for your review at any point.

My plan for the band, depending of course on what I am told I am able to actually do, is as follows:

-For Jazz Band, we will be working a lot on music theory as it applies to improvisation, analyzation, and arranging. We will have a lot of transcription exercises, both verbal and written, with individual performances in class and in recorded form. As in the other band classes, we will try to record the band as well if possible – we will talk about this in class.

-For Symphonic Band, we will be working on core fundamentals for each instrument. We will also spend a lot of time playing in class for each other and in recorded form. There is a website added to Teams, Mural, that will allow us to discuss these performances and elements of playing to help us improve as fast as possible. I will be sending you music to work on both as a band (hopefully) and as individuals.

-For Wind Ensemble, we will also be working on fundamentals. However, we are all at very different levels of ability, so I will be differentiating what is sent out to each of you to work on. There will be the opportunity for all of us to learn the history of our instruments and others, care for the instruments and basic repair/maintenance, and basic elements of the instrument. There will also be an emphasis on theory as it applies to the understanding of the music you are playing (this makes it so much easier to play), arranging for your group of instruments and the band as a whole, and to help you connect your ears to the paper which many rarely truly do. We will also listen to a lot of recorded music – catered to your instrument mostly, but also of full ensembles, so that you have a broader ear for what your instrument is capable of. Knowing what it should really sound like is very important.

There will be more to each class as we get started but I am sharing the above so each of you has an idea of what I am planning on doing with each class. As this is uncharted territory, please be patient as all of your teachers make their way through this school year, no matter how it turns out.

Some of you are currently signed up in the wrong classes. This happens every year and will be fixed as soon as the counselors are able. They do not return to the school until the 10th.

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