Rehearsal Reminder – Remind codes

Hello everyone,

This is a reminder that we will not have practice this week from 3-8. All SCS teachers will be at In-Service this week. During this time, and during our content area District Learning Day, I will gather more information regarding the most updated guidelines for practices after school and procedures for games. At the moment, we are still scheduled to have practices after school from 2:30-5pm. We will be discussing in class our situation with game performance, whether in the stands, on the field, or both.

Masks need to be worn at all times when at school and this applies when entering the band room. The only time you would lower your mask is when you are playing in class. Please do not congregate in the back storage area this year as there is not enough room to effectively space out and keep each other safe. In the mornings, before and after school, you will still be required to wear a mask. Only when you leave campus will you able to take off your mask.

If you did not audition for band for this year but are still in band, even if we did not see you for band camp, you are being moved to Symphonic Band. This means your schedule may say another ensemble in PowerSchool but you will be reset to Symphonic Band. Unless you received notice from me that you are in Wind Ensemble or Jazz Band, please use the codes below to sign up for the class you are attending. Parents, the codes for parents is also available for updates per class.

Remind Codes: Symphonic Band(student) – @a743b; Symphonic Band Parents – @6h9e7; Wind Ensemble(student) – @8643g; Wind Ensemble Parents – @gcb63; Jazz Band(student) – @815cb5; Jazz Band Parents – @b6eh6; Color Guard (student and parent) – @wshscolor; Marching Band (student and parent) – @wshsmarch.

Parents, sign up for the parent remind for your child’s class, and the Marching Band as well. I send full group information there, especially during and after games. The student reminds are needed for every student so they are aware of event information and changes.

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