Band fair share fees, practices

Hello Everyone,

After talking to the Student Leadership group and going through the reality of time constraints, I am deciding that we will not have a field show this year. Since band camp was cut short, and because we missed almost half the band during the camp we were able to have, it is not feasible to cram in a show before our first games. Our first game arrives on 8/20 which is not a reasonable ask for the band to learn the show and music at that time. We will have practice after school for the next two weeks for sure in order to get the whole band learning the music for the stands. It is expected that everyone participate in these after school rehearsals if they are in band. On this site is a program absence form that needs to be used if a student is not able to come to practice.

For the band fair share fees (band fees that enable us to participate in games, pay the coaches that came this year, go to All-West, Concert Festival, pay for clothing dry cleaning, etc.), the current rate for band fees will be $150.

In order for you child to be able to utilize a school instrument, I need to have the instrument loan form signed by both you and your child. All new students were given the forms in class this morning and many more are available in the classroom and on this site under Band Forms.