News for this week

First: A reminder that we will not have practice this Tuesday. We will resume 2:30-5:00 on Thursday.

Second: Our game this week, our Senior Night, is still versus Houston HS but we are no longer at Germantown HS. We will be playing at Houston HS instead. I am not sure about the stand situation yet as it is still to be determined whether we will be on the home side at their stadium.

For this last Friday game, I am asking every band and color guard member to eat our last dinner of the season together in the cafeteria. The band officers voted to order pizza for this occasion. It is expected that everyone attend even if they are wishing to have food elsewhere – this is a whole band event and should not be skipped (the reservation for those that have to travel home). We will be meeting and eating around 4pm Friday after school. Mrs. Frisina-Dunn, our Band Booster President is helping us order pizza from Pizza Hut. Each student that wishes to eat pizza with us needs to bring money for the amount of pizza they wish to consume. I will have more information on the price per slice soon. I will also have a Microsoft form for those that wish to order the type and amount of slice they would like. The options as they stand right now are: Cheese, Pepperoni, and Sausage. If another food option from Pizza Hut is desired, there will also be a spot for that on the form. The link will be posted in class to fill out BEFORE Friday.

AGAIN, even if you do not wish to have pizza, it is expected that all band members join each other for the end of the season dinner. This means Call Time will be 4pm. The seniors will be recognized during half time. More information to follow on this once I have more details from our AD Coach McDonald. It is expected that the seniors be in their full band uniform. Parents typically dress up as we will also be taking pictures at this time (thanks to Mrs. Lyons (Algebra)-photographer for the football team).

Rehearsal update

We will only have after school rehearsal Thursday for the next two weeks. We will be skipping practices on Tuesdays. We only have two more games left and will prepare for them on the Thursdays before. The timing is still the same: 2:30-5pm. No clubs are allowed during this practice time as we move to one rehearsal a week.