All West Results

Congratulations to all that auditioned. This year, we had a fantastic turn out considering CoVid and the smaller group of students that auditioned this year. This year, we had 33 students make All West, and 17 alternates with a couple with immediate births into All State and a couple students in Jazz Band with the chance to go into All State. I am so proud of everyone and excited to see everyone that made it at the clinic downtown at the new Renesant Center. More information to follow. Score sheets will be passed out in class when we return.

All West Audition Information

Hello everyone,

All West is being held this year at Arlington HS for all Wind Ensemble and Jazz performers. Although the times have yet to be disclosed to the directors, the date of the auditions is Saturday, January 15. The rules for this year, due to Covid-19 restrictions, states that students may only enter the building 10 minutes before their audition. Unlike past years, they will only be able to register, go to the warm up area, then audition and leave immediately afterwards. Students are not able to congregate and stay on campus before or after their designated time for the benefit of all involved. Please, if you or your child is exhibiting Covid symptoms, or has recently tested positive, please reach out to me as soon as possible (via text, email, or Remind). I will post the audition times as soon as I have access to them. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


All-West Audition Guidelines

  • This year, no one is allowed in the building unless they are auditioning or are a director. We are asking all parents to wait outside.
  • Please wear a mask
  • Students must leave IMMEDIATELY following their audition(s)
  • Students should be in line at the registration table 10 minutes prior to their audition. A student can POSSIBLY be worked in early, but not late. Please tell your students to make preparations to leave early enough so that things like traffic will not make them late.
  • We will provide a Keyboard Amp, Bass Amp, and Guitar Amp as well as Drum Set, and Aux Instruments for Jazz Auditions, but not patch cords, sticks, and mallets.
  • We will also provide percussion audition equipment, i.e. snare, Timpani, and Mallet Instruments, but not Mallets or sticks
  • no other instruments will be provided.

Below are the time slots for all auditioning band members: