Pep Rally update

Remember to wear the warm up jacket and pants. You may wear a Spartan or band t-shirt form a previous year with shorts, but please keep it to these articles only. Blatant exceptions will not play with the band and will be sent to sit with their respective student sections. This is a school performance grade.

Activity Schedule

7:15-8:00  1st period

8:05-8:50  2nd period

8:55-9:40  3rd period

9:45-10:30  4th period

10:30-55  A lunch

11:00-25  B lunch

11:30-55  C lunch

12:00-25  D lunch

12:30-12:50  6TH period

12:55-1:15  7th period

We will release one building at a time to the pep rally.