Band Concert – Concert Festival

***Tomorrow night, Tuesday, our three ensembles will hold their Pre-Concert Festival concert starting at 7pm. The doors will be open later than usual (6:30) as I will be running from the airport to the school. I will try to be here earlier but 6:30 will be the latest.

Attire for the concert is the Concert shirt, black slacks, black socks, and black shoes for the boys. Girls wear either a black dress, or a black blouse, black pants and black shoes. Please do not wear tennis shoes – Dress shoes only. Girls may also wear the concert shirt if they purchased one and so desire. Dresses need to be cut appropriately.

The concert program will be posted as a QR code upon entrance to the auditorium.

***Concert Festival will take place this coming Friday. The students attire is the same as above. We will leave on a bus during school hours and will finish approximately around 2:45pm. At this point, the band will have to wait for a bus to return us to the school (p/u time 4:45, school arrival 5:30) due to school bus usage for the end of the day. We will be waiting in the auditorium listening to other groups waiting for pick up.

However, if you sign the Bus Exemption form found either on this website, or in the band room, and have it returned to me before Concert Festival (with a principal signature), then you may pick up your child from West Collierville Middle School after we have finished. Please set a time to pick them up before the bus departs, otherwise, they will have to ride the bus back to the school with us.

Students may not drive other students to and from the event. If a student is driving, alone, to the Festival, they still have to produce the Bus Exemption Form. Questions, please email Mr. Sims directly or reach him on Remind.