Band News

April 11-14, 8th Grade Band Camp! We are opening our band room to all 8th grader’s interested in band next year. This is a chance to meet our current officers, upcoming officers, and many band members throughout this four day event. Join us from 3-4:30 each day (as you are able) for music, dancing, fun, and a personalized tour of the high school.

April 4-8th, Officer interviews. This includes everyone wishing to take a leadership role as an officer, drum major, section head, or section leader. All applications and letters of intent need to be completed and turned in by April 1st to be given an interview. Interested Drum Majors will need to be able to demonstrate fundamental conducting patterns, basic marching step technique, and be able to share personal methods of teaching drill and maintaining decorum on the field and during indoor rehearsals.