Upcoming Concert/Graduation/Band Banquet/Band Camp for the upcoming year

Hello Everyone,

Here is information for the next series of upcoming events:
Band Concert – May 11th, 7pm in the Auditorium. All students will need to attend as before. Attire is Concert black: Dresses or blouses for the girls, and slacks and black concert shirt for the boys. NO JEANS or TENNIS SHOES. Dress shoes and black socks only!
Coffee House – Due to the amount of things happening in the school at the moment, we will not be having the coffee house solo/ensemble performance this year. We will plan this out for next year, potentially in the Fall and the Spring.
Graduation – May 22nd. Again, attire is Concert Black and all are required to attend (minus Jazz Band Rhythm Section players). Graduation begins at 4pm. Arrival times for the band will be announced soon.
Band Banquet – May 27th, from 6-9pm at Central BBQ Downtown, 147 E. Butler Ave., Memphis, TN, 38103. Seniors are free but all others will need to buy a ticket in advance ($25), or $30 at the door. Parents and visitors are welcome to join. We will have food (Chicken, Pork, BBQ Beans, Slaw, and beverages) available. You may purchase items from the restaurant if you wish, as well.
Band Camp – Information for Band Camp will be showing up in the Calendar on this site soon. Times are still being worked out but the dates are as follows: Officer training – July 13-15; Freshman, Sophomores July 18; Whole Band July 19-22; Whole Band July 25-29. Times for each of these days will be amended in the calendar but will currently run from 8am-6pm. August 1-5, Whole Band; this week is in-service for teachers so rehearsals will begin at 3pm-6 each day.

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