Game day information

Here is the game day routine that we follow each week:

Students end school at 2:15 pm. I tend to leave the school around 4 pm to get food at which point the students need to be outside the school. The call time for students is 5 pm at which point, all students need to be dressed and ready in the band room. The sousaphones and baritones will not take out their instruments as they will go on the trailer. Once the driver of the trailer arrives and pulls the trailer in front of the band room, the drums load up first, followed by the sousaphones and baritones. Then, we load up the front ensemble (mallet) instruments and water cart.

Students will board the buses around 5:30 pm. Chaperones traveling with the band will split up between the buses and check students off before they board the bus to set seat assignments and each bus list (clipboards are already made and in my office for use). These same lists and buses will be used in the same manner on the way back from the game. We should depart the school at 5:45 pm to head to whatever school we are playing. Games start at 7:00 pm and run typically until close to 9 pm (penalty time excluded). Parents signed up for Remind will receive notifications when we are on our way back so you are here to pick them up post the game.

Food is not provided for students, but the backpacks they have (only band backpacks allowed) may contain any food they wish to bring to consume during the game. We will have four water containers for students to refill bottles, but we will not have extra bottles on hand. Each student must bring their own bottle to the game. Water is a must as we are exercising hard for the game and students can easily become dehydrated. There are also concession stands that students may purchase food from, but only during the third quarter after we have performed the half-time show.

Very Important: If you are planning on taking your child home from the game, I have to have the Bus Exemption Form filled out and signed by one of the principals before you take them. This form is in the band room and on this site under the resources tab. I need to have it 24 hours before the game as it goes to the chaperones so we all know who we are traveling with and don’t stress trying to find your child at the stadium. Any other questions, please send me a remind or email – you can also send a message through this site to the boosters who can also help answer questions. Go Spartans!


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