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Tuesday rehearsals are off for the next two weeks. The next two Thursdays will have rehearsals from 2:30-4:30. Senior Night is this Friday versus Germantown (@ Kirby HS). Seniors will be recognized during half time with family. We are in full uniform for the last two games and will plan on performing our show each game.

Seniors, for those who still have not completed the information form, please follow this link and complete the form ASAP: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=lBwpK7Bet0SJ6kuvFuzEqW3-KdU9–pCkht4BkdV0bBUQVlXRFVRTlJXQ0cxQVdGTk02WTQxWE5QOS4u

For those who have raised money through the popcorn fundraiser and would like to use it for the band trip, or anything else, email the boosters through this site: About Us tab, Director and Booster Leaders, scroll to the bottom and leave your message. The sooner you get the information to them, the faster they are able to send a list to the travel agency and move forward.

The Jazz Band has been asked to perform at the University of Memphis, Holiday Inn Hotel for a special function. They will be leaving school to play around 11am and playing at 11:30. This is only the beginning of opportunities for everyone who wishes to get out in the community to perform. I would like to introduce a coffee house experience in the future for students to perform in classical and jazz formats, either solo or in combos, for an array of people. I am trying to provide opportunities for everyone to play while also involving our neighborhood in what we do. Keep your eyes and ears open for this in the future as well.

Questions about anything, email me directly or the boosters. Have a great day and rest of the Fall Break!


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