All-West Information

The most important piece at the moment is ensuring ALL students have completed the online contract. If not, they may be sent home and not allowed to participate. Also, many students still have not paid the $55 to the school to cover the cost for the convention. If you do not pay in time, I will share with the board that they need to call up the next alternate in line and your child will not participate. If you have financial needs, and require aid, or cannot pay in time, please let me know as soon as possible. Also, all students participating should have band fees fully paid in full before attending the convention. Update, all students should wear the same clothes they wear for our concerts. The Jazz Band is specifically all black, typically with a black coat if available. Transportation is not provided by the school. All students will need to be dropped off and picked up for the clinic. I cannot provide a bus for everyone during this clinic as I have to be there during hours when several are not needing to be there.

The following is current information from the WTSBOA website for those parents that have students attending All-West. Meals are available at the concession stand (shown below), but many students choose to go off site to eat at nearby restaurants. I am happy to chaperone students to meals, but please share with your child to never go off without being in a group, or an adult. If you wish your student to eat on site, they may and can bring their own food but we have been asked to not have students bring food into the Convention Center. All food needs to be consumed off site, or purchased from the provided vendor.

Please note that all students must have a stand and their own music for the event. I will provide stands to those that do not have their own – just ask! Brass players will need to be aware and take mutes as needed, Jazz performers especially. Percussionists will need to take any instruments listed on the given sheet that came with your music.

Students in the jazz ensembles need to be aware of their start times and when they need to be on site. Concert members also need to be aware they should arrive by noon to be registered. I have already done the paperwork side of things, but I need to pass out the tags and any new information for the event. Blue Jazz members should not be late at all as it could not only cost you the chance to audition for All-State, but it could cause you to lose your place at All-West altogether. I will meet everyone in the lobby to get things started. Parking is available underneath the Convention Center, and is usually $10, but the gate is typically open during the convention times – not the concert. There is also parking in lots for cheap nearby, but do not park in the slots in the hotel across the street as you will either be towed, or your car can get a boot placed on it keeping you from getting home.
  • The only instruments provided will be Vibes for Aux Percussion Players. All Rhythm Players must provide their OWN bass, amps, keyboards, congas, drum set, cymbals, sticks, cords, etc.
  • Brass players (except Bass Trombone) will need cup mutes for their All-State Jazz Auditions. CHECK their music to see what other mutes they need for their All-West Jazz Band Performances.
  • Auditions are scheduled to start AT 8 AM on Thursday in room 108 in the Convention Center. Students should be there already warmed up/set up BEFORE 8 AM.
  • All students need their OWN stands for rehearsal.

Concessions will be available for purchase in the Renasant Convention Center during the lunch break Friday afternoon. See below for the menu and prices. No outside food or drinks are allowed in the Renasant Convention Center.


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