New Uniforms

Thanks to the amazing work and aid of Mami Wexler, our program has been granted a substantial amount of money to purchase new uniforms for our program. More information to come on this soon.

I also wish to send a huge thanks to all those that helped with our recent car wash as we did very well and the kids had a great time. Special thanks to Breanne Bozant for getting pizzas for the kids and Sherry Coates for helping get fruit and water for the kids as they washed cars and played on the sidewalk to the traffic on Poplar.

Also, a huge thanks to the Boosters as a whole and Graciela Pagin for helping to set this up, create the flyers and get us moving again after a quiet winter. It is nice to see the kids working together as they were Saturday. More car washes will be on the horizon – keep an eye on this site for more information.


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