Audition info. update

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Band Camp information for next year: At the moment, so parents are best able to plan events over the summer before school starts, the tentative dates for band camp are as follows (depends on teacher in-service and the scheduled first days of school): July 12-14 is only for Band Leadership (no band practice), July 17-18 is only the Freshman and Leadership (other band members may join but not required), July 19-21 and July 24-28 (8-5pm each day) is full band (everyone in attendance). More information will be coming as the year closes and we approach summer so everyone can plan accordingly.

Audition deadlines for the High School will be due on May 1st. All auditions will be done online using Seesaw. The current code will be provided each week as it expires regularly. Sign up as a student for the High School Auditions page and use the code WETE YMEK. This will expire soon – email me to get the most recent code. Students will audition if they plan on trying to enter the Wind Ensemble, or Jazz Band. Those wishing to go straight into Symphonic Band with no audition do not need to enter but do need to reach out to me so I know to expect you. Auditions will consist of playing a full octave chromatic scale, as many of the major scales as you are able to play (hopefully, all twelve), and the All-West audition music from this current year (the entire page of music).


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