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Gummy Fundraiser form

Please send in the attached signed form with the money needed if you wish for your child to participate in the current fundraiser.  For those that still owe money to MidSouth Solutions, or that owe band fees, this is a great way to take care of the costs.

Gummy Fundraiser form

Brian Sims


Cookie Fundraiser contract and Band trip reminder

WSHS Band Booster Cookie Fundraiser Participation Contract

Attached is the contract for those wishing to raise funds for band fees, uniform fees, concert shirt cost, band trip deposit/payments or anything else beyond these items.

Reminder:  The deposit for the trip has to be signed up by the 30th of this month.  They have to have this to reserve seats on the bus, for the Symphony, and for the hotel rooms.  Many students say they are going but only 19 have signed up.  45 have to be signed up for the trip to actually take place.  If you are even considering this, even if funds are an issue (which you can call ETadventures and set a different payment plan), then doing so now is crucial.

Brian Sims

Band Trip Update

The following update is being made to the band trip for those that are still interested in signing their child up for the band trip to Indiana:

10/30 Deposit $199
11/30 $257
12/30 $257
1/30 Remainder ($257)
We have to have a minimum number at 45 paying spots.  If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email.
Brian Sims

Woodwind Symposium

Woodwind Symposium at the U. of M.

Hello everyone,

Above is a flyer from the University of Memphis, and below is a message from Dr. Robyn Jones, Doctor of Clarinet Studies:

    I wanted to make sure you and your students know about our upcoming Woodwind Symposium on Sep 8.  We have guest artists on each instrument, and there is an evening recital at 7:30 pm.  For reed players, the owner of the “Reed Geek” tool will give a class on reed adjusting. There will also be various lectures and a mass woodwind reading session with Dr. Nguyen.  It should be a great day!
Students can register here:
It’s only $10 for the whole day plus the evening concert. 
This is a fantastic opportunity for woodwind players of any level.  The chance to hear performances and attend clinics with musicians of this caliber is a rare opportunity, especially at the price listed.

Car Wash Fundraiser information

Hello Everyone,

I am announcing three car washes for the following Saturdays:  8/11 8-1 (I have to leave at 1pm), 8/25 8-3, and 9/1 8-3.  These are all days that are also dependent upon the weather, so please help watch for poor weather.  I am unable to do the 18th because of a meeting with WTSBOA and because the soccer team is doing a car wash at the school on that day.

Students typically show for a couple of hours, although some stay a majority of the day, and help to wash cars in our parking lot outside the band room.  Some students will be on the street corners with signs collecting money and bringing cars into the lot.  If any parents are willing and able to help monitor or simply help supply any amount of soap, it is very helpful.  We typically have 10-20 kids at a time having a great time washing cars.  We have made over $800 in the past per car wash so this is a great opportunity for our program.

This is not mandatory but a volunteer function.  However, most of the band tends to show up.  If you have any questions, please reach out and let me know.