Band fee update


The fee this year is $235 and can be paid with a check (payable to WSHS Band), cash, or PayPal (with a fee).

Please contact Mr. Sims asap if you are unable to make any payment now.


Reminders for this week!

Please send any forms in that are needed, especially for new students: Band Handbook form, Instrument Loan Form, and Student Info. form all of which are found here on our website under the forms tab.

Reminder that the uniform orders have to be in by August 11th. Band fees largely cover the cost of the buses for our games so sending in money for the band fees will allow us to go to the games. It is not fair to take students that don’t pay for each game (which amounts to $7-10/game per student). If the only thing sent in is the money for the games each week in order to budget for the year, that is fine. I just have to account for each thing we spend. I also have to recoup the money the boosters are putting forth to pay the musicians from the Memphis Symphony Orchestra and the University of Memphis that have helped your children the last two weeks. Please let me know if there are extenuating circumstances and I can definitely work with everyone as needed to ensure your child can still participate.

We desperately need someone to pull our trailer for the games. Even if you can only pull for one game, that is fine. The sign up genius on our Facebook page will enable you to sign up for any game you are able to help us. At the moment, I have no one signed up which will keep us from going to any games at the moment. If anyone has questions about what is needed to do this, please reach out to me and I am happy to explain and walk through the process.

The general schedule for this week will be 3-6pm each day with a preview show for the parents Thursday at 5:30. This has been a potluck in the past but with Covid, I feel it is safer to bring your own food if you wish to eat at the outside table courtyard while the students perform for you.

Uniform Purchase information

Attached is the order form for our uniform for the games this season. The order form is all online and the money is also paid online straight to MidSouth Solutions. The T-shirt, Backpack (unless previously owned), and shorts are the mandatory pieces. The hoodie, and track suit are optional this year due to the heat, and because I am trying to keep families costs down with the band. Please observe that the purchase must be made before August 11th. *Note* This is different than the uniform that we checked out to each student within the last couple of days. That is the full uniform that is owned by the school. The uniform ordered here is what you can use each year minus the change in t-shirt each year.

Updated Band Camp info.

Hello to all of you! As our leadership group begins our training this week, we are all excited to meet and work with everyone this coming season and year. There are many exciting things ahead of us. As we approach the first days of band camp starting next week, I just wanted to share some critical information that will help keep everyone healthy and safe, and also make our first days run smoother.

First, before we start next week, I wanted to remind everyone that we will have an introductory meeting both at the school, in person in the band room, and through Teams (see link posted below) for those that are unable to join us. This is to answer any questions for the upcoming year, and to introduce the current Boosters, fill any positions needed within the boosters, and share the ways that parents can help the band. Aid and time is, usually, minimal and as you are able. Accepting the opportunity to help the boosters, or become a booster, does not mean dedicating a lot of your time. Most of what is needed is aid for events: Football games, Festivals, Band Trips, Fundraising (Car washes), etc. None of the activities take a lot of time minus the football games, if you are a chaperone, but even the games are usually filled with fun watching your child play and watching the game itself (assuming we have a good team!).

Second, for those new to our program, and especially for those that have not really marched a season with us before, there are some basics that everyone needs to survive the heat and activity of learning the music and show for the season. First, a refillable water bottle is a must! We have many coolers filled with ice water, and we will be taking precautions due to CoVid to ensure they are used and maintained properly. Second, short sleeve shirts and shorts are recommended to deal with the heat. Third, Closed toed shoes are a Must! Sandals, or slides of any kind will not work outside on the field as injuries can occur. Fourth, Sun tan lotion, lotion, and bug spray are highly recommended as we will be outside as the weather permits.

Regarding the weather, I will be monitoring the heat index closely and am already planning on being inside for the coming heat waves. We will be outside as much as possible to learn the show, but will move inside once the heat index climbs, becoming unsafe.

Something that will speed up our processes for the first couple of days would be to go on this site under the Band Forms tab and fill out the Music Equipment Loan Agreement Form (if an instrument is needed from the school), the Student Information Form (Medical information is the most important), and the Band Handbook Form. I will go through the band handbook during band camp, but signing these forms will help speed up our process in our first days.

Currently, our band fare share fees are at $235 for the year. The breakout of the fees will be shared upon request. This is slightly higher than previous years as I am bringing in members of the Memphis Symphony and Professors from the University of Memphis to clinic the instrument sections each day during camp after lunch. This is still more than half of everyone else in the city. I am looking into going out on a band trip this year – to Dallas, Fort Worth – details to come if it comes to fruition. The uniform fees are not included in the above amount, but that will be much less than previous years. I will have more information on that as soon as I am able as well. The uniform will be less but with the option to purchase everything we have had in the past if desired. All money for the uniform will be written to the company itself, not the boosters or school!

I look forward to meeting and working with everyone and hope everyone has a cool rest of the week.