2023-24 Audition Music

Auditions are needed if you wish to be in Jazz Band or Wind Ensemble. Students who wish not to audition will be placed in our Symphonic Band.


Guitar:  Grant Green Transcription

Drums: Art Blakey transcription

Piano:  Bill Evans Transcription

Bass:   Paul Chambers Transcription

Trumpet:  Clark Terry Transcription

Trombone:  JJ Johnson Transcription

Tenor Sax:  Junior Cook Transcription

Alto Sax:  Paul Desmond Transcription

Baritone Sax: Gerry Mulligan Transcription


As many of the 12 major scales as possible, plus All-West music from this current year.

All-West music can be found here.

Good Luck to everyone!  I look forward to hearing all of you and seeing what we can create next year together.