2020-21 Audition Music

The following is the Audition Music for those students wishing to be in Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble.  Students who wish to audition for general ensembles (Concert Band and Symphonic Band) will audition on their All-West Music played this current year. Freshman will audition on the middle school All-West, and if trying for Wind Ensemble, this year’s 9-10 All-West Music – Section 1.  All those auditioning for Wind Ensemble need to record as many of their scales as possible and the music, per instrument, listed below.

Jazz Band auditions will consist of the given transcriptions provided.  The following music is for the Jazz Band Ensembles auditions:

Guitar:  Grant Green solo

Drums: Art Blakey solo

Piano:  Piano IPiano II

Bass:   Bass IBass II

Trumpet:  Trumpet ITrumpet II

Trombone:  Trombone ITrombone II

Tenor Sax:  Tenor Sax ITenor Sax II

Baritone Sax:  Same as Alto Sax

Alto Sax:  Alto Sax IAlto Sax II

Auditions for Wind Ensemble as many of the 12 major scales as possible, All-West from this current year, and the following music:

Flute Music

Oboe Music

Clarinet Music

Bass Clarinet Music

Bassoon Music

Alto Sax Music

Tenor Sax Music

Bari Sax Music

Trumpet Music

Horn Music I

Horn Music II

Trombone Music

Baritone Music

Tuba Music

Drums Music – top part only

Good Luck to everyone!  I look forward to hearing all of you and seeing what we can create next year together.