Marching Band Music

Please use this page to find all music that will be performed during games.  It is your responsibility to listen to, and learn your parts for both the shows and music in the stands.  Do not rely upon practices to learn your music – you won’t.  There is too much music to memorize and too much to learn elsewhere, especially if you are an incoming Freshman.  Listen to as many recordings as you are able for aid.  Knowing the music will help you to learn your own part.  Note that these are arrangements and will not necessarily follow the form or harmonic structure of the original recording.

The Field Show should take precedence as it is the visual and aural representation of our program.  The music is all on,,  and  Freshman, memorization is essential as we do not typically use lyres to hold music while we play.  You may but it is harder than it seems.  Thus, the stress on learning your music early.  The following pieces are the most important as they will happen at every game so learn them first:  We Da Tigers, Star Spangled Banner, On Wisconsin.  Below is the music for the field show:

Guns & Roses Drill Sheets

Guns & Roses Score – Parts

Guns & Roses Music Audio Files

The field show sheets and coordinate cards are found here (Print off all sheets but only your instrument for the coordinates):

I am very much looking forward to working with all of you this year and cannot wait to hear the sound of the Spartan Band.  Enjoy the rest of your time off until Band Camp.

Music by Song:

We Da Tigers – 2 of 3 to memorize

Star Spangled Banner – 3 of 3 to memorize

Maximum Strength Warmup

On Wisconsin – Fight Song – Memorize this one also (very important)

All of the Lights


Can U Stand The Rain

Pretty Girls


Nobody Does It Better

He Loves Me

Pastime Paradise

You Got It

On My Grind


We Don’t Speed


Kiss Me Through The Phone

Malaguena Fanfare

That’s The Way

As We Move On

Carry Out


So Fresh, So Clean