2022-2023 Leadership Team

Leslie Avila

Band President

I am a senior this year and am very excited to meet and work with everybody! This will happily be my 7th year playing trombone and I have been able to participate in honor bands such as All-West. In my free time, I like to write poems or go outside. Let’s work hard to make this marching season fun and productive!

Jordan Robinson

Vice President

I am a senior, and I have been playing trombone for 6 years. I am an All-West member and am in other organizations like Boy Scouts and Jack and Jill of America. I aim to make create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere in the band and to encourage people to contribute and work hard to make the band sound better.

Dailan Caldwell

Vice President

 I have played the bass clarinet for almost 3 years and clarinet since middle school. My hobbies include listening to true crime podcasts while taking walks and making beats in my spare time.

Baron Hendricks

Social Officer

I am a senior and percussionist in Wind Ensemble and play bass drum during marching band season. At school, I am involved in track, cross country, and Chinese Club. Additionally in JROTC, I am the Robotics Commander and work a lot with the rest of the staff. Outside of school, I enjoy traveling, cooking, gaming, and making jokes. I can’t wait to meet you all this year!

Milagros Perez


I’m a sophomore and I play flute/piccolo. Besides the band, I am a staff member of our school’s newspaper (The Scroll) and I participate in clubs such as Spruce up Sparta. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming season and I’m very excited to meet everyone. I can’t wait to see how this year goes!

Hayley Matthews

Attendance Secretary

I am currently a sophomore and I play the Clarinet. I’ve been playing since 6th grade so roughly about 4 years and I am in the Wind Ensemble. In my free time, I like to read, listen to music, and watch tv. I can’t wait to see what this marching season has in store! 

Akaia Bobo

Head Drum Major

I’m a senior and I play the trombone. Some of my hobbies are crocheting, listening to music, walking, watching YouTube, occasionally drawing, sleeping, and eating (lol). I’m very happy to be your drum major and I hope we get closer and have a great band season/school year together!

Caleb Jones

Drum Major

I’m a senior this year and a member of Wind Ensemble. During concert season, I play the Bass Clarinet. In my free time, I like to relax, play video games, watch anime,  and listen to music. I hope to do my best to lead this well!

Holly Cole

Drum Major

 I am a junior and have played trumpet for 6 years. I am in the jazz band at White Station and I love it! Music has always been something I’ve loved to do. I am currently the vice president of the humane society club. I love animals and socializing. I’m so excited for this season and can’t wait to see everyone!

Ellie Pappas

Woodwind Leader

I was the flute section leader last year and am so excited to help all of the woodwind players more this year. I love playing the flute and piccolo and want to pursue both after high school. In my spare time, I love watching Asian dramas, writing and recording songs, and Greek folk dancing. I can’t wait to meet everyone — let’s have an excellent season!

Forrest Dixon

Brass Captain

I have played the trumpet for around seven years now and have been in the jazz band for three years. I can also play a little bit of piano, guitar, and bass. Other than playing music, I enjoy woodworking, baking, canoeing, biking, and pretty much anything outdoors. I’m looking forward to this school year and I think it’ll be great!

Ramyla Dahmer

Drum Line Captain

 I’ve been in percussion for a few years now, and my main motto is to grind until it’s fun! 

Braylen Robinson

Drum Line Co-Captain

I’m a junior and I love to make videos and stream video games on the weekend!


Nora Compton

Flute Section Leader

I am a senior and I’ve been playing the flute for six years. In my free time, I enjoy reading novels and writing short stories. I also love to play with my cats and learn new things. I hope we have a great year!

Angel Salazar

Clarinet Section Leader

I am a junior and my favorite hobbies have to be vibing to music and gaming. I also enjoy giving a helping hand whenever I see someone who might need it.

Izzy Williamson

Saxophone Section Leader

I am a junior at White Station and I can’t wait to meet everyone and have an awesome marching season!

Andy Blumberg

Trumpet Section Leader

I’m a senior and this will be my sixth year in band. In my free time, I like to play video games, watch sports, or hang out with my friends. I’m super excited for this marching season!

Israel Garcia

Mellophone Section Leader

I’m in the 11th grade and my favorite hobbies are listening to music and cooking/baking. I also like to hang out with friends, eat Korean bbq, and watch tv. I hope we have a wonderful year this year and can’t wait for this season!

Alex Boyd

Trombone Section Leader

 I’m in tenth grade, I play trombone, and my hobby is producing songs.

Terry Morris

Tuba/Sousaphone Section Leader

I am a sophomore and I have a passion for video games, reading, football, basketball, animation, animals, and of course band.

Junie Scott

Color Guard Captain

I am a senior and this is my third year of flag and rifle. I enjoy listening to music and hanging out with my friends. I plan on furthering our guard programs’ outreach and cannot wait to see how we grow. This year is so exciting and I’m looking forward to working with you all.

Chase Pittman

Color Guard Co-Captain

I am a senior in my third year of writing for The Scroll. I am a member of Key Club, as well as an artist who specializes in flowers and other nature scenes. In her free time, she enjoys forcing her family to eat the food she makes, taking walks so long her family goes out to look for her, and spending too much time on overly detailed drawings.