Online Payments

We have partnered with PayPal to provide you with a convenient online payment method for Band Fees and other fees associated with WSHS Band.

Payments for the annual Band and Orchestra trip should not be made here.

Please be sure to include a thorough description with your payment.


PayPal Warning
Include a Good Description!

To submit an online payment click on the following button.*

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To make an online donation to the WSHS Spartan Band, please click the following button.

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* Important: PayPal charges a service fee of 2.3%, plus 30 cents for each online payment. We are providing this payment method for your convenience, but there is a slight cost associated with it. Here is a chart that shows an example of  how the transaction fee will affect Band-Fee Installment Payments. The extra amount will be added at the PayPal site.

Band Fee Payments Original PayPal Fee Total Payment
Installment #1 $56.00 $1.59 $57.59
Installment #2 $56.00 $1.59 $57.59
Installment #3 $58.00 $1.63 $59.63
or the Full Payment $170.00 $4.21 $174.21

For a table of the PayPal service fees please go here.