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Graduation Information

When: May 22nd, students arrive 3-3:15. The ceremony begins at 4pm and the students should be done approximately by 4:20-4:30.

Where: Renasant Convention Center (used to be the Cook Convention Center), 255 N Main St, Memphis, TN 38103

Students will be playing from 3:45-4. They will play a second time after the presentation of the colors (flags), and the choir sings. At this point, they will be done and can either move to the back of the room where seats are reserved for them, or they may leave, waiting downstairs in the lobby for their ride.

The attire is regular concert attire. This is the same as it has been since the beginning of the year. This means a Black Dress or pants and blouse (girls), Black slacks (boys), black socks (not white), black DRESS shoes (not tennis shoes), and the Black Concert shirt (NO T-SHIRTS). Far too many students have been out of dress code for concerts and it makes the ensemble look poor. The ensemble will be in front of thousands of eyes on the 22nd, and we need to represent our band and school as best as we are able.

Upcoming Concert/Graduation/Band Banquet/Band Camp for the upcoming year

Hello Everyone,

Here is information for the next series of upcoming events:
Band Concert – May 11th, 7pm in the Auditorium. All students will need to attend as before. Attire is Concert black: Dresses or blouses for the girls, and slacks and black concert shirt for the boys. NO JEANS or TENNIS SHOES. Dress shoes and black socks only!
Coffee House – Due to the amount of things happening in the school at the moment, we will not be having the coffee house solo/ensemble performance this year. We will plan this out for next year, potentially in the Fall and the Spring.
Graduation – May 22nd. Again, attire is Concert Black and all are required to attend (minus Jazz Band Rhythm Section players). Graduation begins at 4pm. Arrival times for the band will be announced soon.
Band Banquet – May 27th, from 6-9pm at Central BBQ Downtown, 147 E. Butler Ave., Memphis, TN, 38103. Seniors are free but all others will need to buy a ticket in advance ($25), or $30 at the door. Parents and visitors are welcome to join. We will have food (Chicken, Pork, BBQ Beans, Slaw, and beverages) available. You may purchase items from the restaurant if you wish, as well.
Band Camp – Information for Band Camp will be showing up in the Calendar on this site soon. Times are still being worked out but the dates are as follows: Officer training – July 13-15; Freshman, Sophomores July 18; Whole Band July 19-22; Whole Band July 25-29. Times for each of these days will be amended in the calendar but will currently run from 8am-6pm. August 1-5, Whole Band; this week is in-service for teachers so rehearsals will begin at 3pm-6 each day.

Band News

April 11-14, 8th Grade Band Camp! We are opening our band room to all 8th grader’s interested in band next year. This is a chance to meet our current officers, upcoming officers, and many band members throughout this four day event. Join us from 3-4:30 each day (as you are able) for music, dancing, fun, and a personalized tour of the high school.

April 4-8th, Officer interviews. This includes everyone wishing to take a leadership role as an officer, drum major, section head, or section leader. All applications and letters of intent need to be completed and turned in by April 1st to be given an interview. Interested Drum Majors will need to be able to demonstrate fundamental conducting patterns, basic marching step technique, and be able to share personal methods of teaching drill and maintaining decorum on the field and during indoor rehearsals.

Band Concert – Concert Festival

***Tomorrow night, Tuesday, our three ensembles will hold their Pre-Concert Festival concert starting at 7pm. The doors will be open later than usual (6:30) as I will be running from the airport to the school. I will try to be here earlier but 6:30 will be the latest.

Attire for the concert is the Concert shirt, black slacks, black socks, and black shoes for the boys. Girls wear either a black dress, or a black blouse, black pants and black shoes. Please do not wear tennis shoes – Dress shoes only. Girls may also wear the concert shirt if they purchased one and so desire. Dresses need to be cut appropriately.

The concert program will be posted as a QR code upon entrance to the auditorium.

***Concert Festival will take place this coming Friday. The students attire is the same as above. We will leave on a bus during school hours and will finish approximately around 2:45pm. At this point, the band will have to wait for a bus to return us to the school (p/u time 4:45, school arrival 5:30) due to school bus usage for the end of the day. We will be waiting in the auditorium listening to other groups waiting for pick up.

However, if you sign the Bus Exemption form found either on this website, or in the band room, and have it returned to me before Concert Festival (with a principal signature), then you may pick up your child from West Collierville Middle School after we have finished. Please set a time to pick them up before the bus departs, otherwise, they will have to ride the bus back to the school with us.

Students may not drive other students to and from the event. If a student is driving, alone, to the Festival, they still have to produce the Bus Exemption Form. Questions, please email Mr. Sims directly or reach him on Remind.

Pep Rally update

Remember to wear the warm up jacket and pants. You may wear a Spartan or band t-shirt form a previous year with shorts, but please keep it to these articles only. Blatant exceptions will not play with the band and will be sent to sit with their respective student sections. This is a school performance grade.

Activity Schedule

7:15-8:00  1st period

8:05-8:50  2nd period

8:55-9:40  3rd period

9:45-10:30  4th period

10:30-55  A lunch

11:00-25  B lunch

11:30-55  C lunch

12:00-25  D lunch

12:30-12:50  6TH period

12:55-1:15  7th period

We will release one building at a time to the pep rally.

Announcements for Upcoming Events

Pep Rally – No Rehearsal tomorrow, Thursday, for the pep rally.

Middle School Concert – The middle school band is having their concert tomorrow night at 6:30. This is a chance to hear those that will hopefully be joining us next year. If you are able to show up and support them it is very encouraging to them which is something everyone could use due to the year of online band last year. (More information on connecting with the 8th graders will be posted below)

Band Concert – The band concert is next Tuesday, starting at 7pm. The band room will be open at approximately 6:30 at which time all band students need to be present to warm up. Jazz Band students need to be on the stage ready to go by 6:50. Sign in and sign out sheets will be provided stage right by the podium.

Concert Festival – will take place next Friday during the school day and only includes the Wind Ensemble this year. We will leave the school by bus for West Collierville Middle School off of Frank Rd. and Byhalia in Collierville. The bus will not be able to transport the students back to the school until close to 5:15pm due to school transportation conflicts – departure from the middle school will be at 4:45. We will be done close to 2:45 and the students may be picked up from the middle school during this time. If students are being picked up, the Bus Exemption Form, found on the website and in the band room, needs to be filled out in advance.

All State – Rooms have been reserved for those that made the ensembles. More information will come as we get closer. The music should be available soon and will be passed out in class.

***Please share that we will now have a Color Guard course taught by Ms. Vancil. This will be a normal class that is open to everyone and will focus on the fundamentals of flag and rifle work as used in both the Field Shows and Winter Guard Competitions. Students can sign up for this in Naviance for next year when class scheduling opens up.

April Events:

The first week of April will be the interviews for band officer positions. Information will be shared in class for the requirements per position. Positions will be filled and transitions will start the end of the second week of April.

8th Grade Band Camp will start the second week of April. This will be the time for the upcoming 8th graders to come to us after school and be introduced to the existing band members, given a tour of the school, practice with the band on some of our songs, and generally get a feel for band at the high school level. Current and incoming officers/section leaders are strongly encouraged to participate as much as possible to welcome those students that are able to attend. The camp will run the entire week from 3-4:30 each day.

April 23 is the University of Memphis Percussion Ensemble Festival. More information will follow for those participating once registration is complete.

Pep Rally Practices

We will be holding practices for this week’s pep rally Tuesday and Thursday, 2:30-4. If we can get enough done on Tuesday, we will not have practice on Thursday. At the moment, a list of songs has been sent out in remind to all band members. Please come with this music ready so we can get as much done as possible and not spend time copying music. Ask ahead if you need music!

All West Results

Congratulations to all that auditioned. This year, we had a fantastic turn out considering CoVid and the smaller group of students that auditioned this year. This year, we had 33 students make All West, and 17 alternates with a couple with immediate births into All State and a couple students in Jazz Band with the chance to go into All State. I am so proud of everyone and excited to see everyone that made it at the clinic downtown at the new Renesant Center. More information to follow. Score sheets will be passed out in class when we return.