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WSHS Band Leadership Role Application

The following link is to a google form for those interested in any position for the coming year:

Leadership Online Form

Leadership Application

Please fill out both forms and be prepared within the next week to set up a zoom conference with the officers and drum majors for the interview.  Officers, Drum Majors, then Section Heads will be interviewed on one day and all Section Leaders on another.  Both days are TBA depending on the number of applications and time available (everyone now has the time – but making sure there is nothing to prevent the interview).

All West Auditions

A reminder that All West auditions will be held this Saturday at Northside HS, 3066 N Highland Ave, Jackson, TN 38305.  Times are posted on the WTSBOA website.  Plan to arrive 30 minutes early if possible to avoid traffic issues and line congestion at the school.  All participants need to be in place 10 minutes before their assigned time so they are cleared to enter their given hallway.  Results will be shared once they have been processed in school the next week.

Playoff #2

We are at Houston High School versus Houston (10-0) for our second round playoff game.  Temperatures are supposed to be cold again (High 52, Low 32) so plan accordingly.  Full uniform needs to be worn again for this game.  Have a great Veteran’s Day break.

Written Scale/key signature test coming up in your clef next Wednesday.

Band Concert Reminder-Tues. 6:30

This is a reminder to those that may not have had it shared via their child, or have not checked the calendar recently, but this Tuesday night, we will be having our first concert of the year.  This will include all the bands.  We will start at 6:30 in the auditorium with a brief meeting before starting at 6pm.  We look forward to having everyone there and allowing us to share what we have been working on so far.

Band Booster meeting Tuesday

Welcome to all parents to our monthly Band Booster meeting.  We will be meeting in the band room from 6-7pm to discuss the following and more:  Fundraising for band fees, and the band trip; Football games, concerts and chaperone/parent aid; parental involvement for upcoming events; formal uniform relabeling and distribution, and more.  Please stop in to see what we have on the horizon and how you may help us make a difference for band students.  We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Band Picnic/preview show

This is a reminder that the band will be hosting a preview of its upcoming show this year – our salute to Memphis Music.  The band will rehearse from 3-5:30, have the chance to either eat, take a break and then perform for all family and friends that would like to attend.  Drinks will be provided (water, lemonade, tea/lemonade mix), and a signup genius will be created soon for those wishing to contribute food to the event.  This is voluntary and those not bringing food for the group will likely want to bring food for themselves and their children.  We look forward to seeing everyone there.  The band sounds and look great and are looking forward to showing off the work they have done so far!

Field Show information

Please keep an eye out for information for our field show.  Music (parts) will be uploaded soon under the music and scales tab, as will the QR codes for those wishing to use a mobile device on the field.  Usage of the mobile app will be explained during band camp unless you wish to find the app early and import the QR file.

Band Fees 2019-20

Hello to everyone,

I have trimmed as much as possible for this year and still have to raise the price of band fees for everyone – I’m sorry.  We still have the lowest fees of any school with a program our size but a couple things have changed this year that have altered the amount for us all.

First, I no longer have the time to write the shows for the band and have been paying other musicians that do it for a living to help write for us.  This means that after obtaining the rights to the songs (which can range anywhere from $150-$1500/song), I have hired people I trust to create a show for us.  I will continue to look for shows that hold interest for our group while being challenging, while keeping the cost of the show in mind.

With this said, this is only one portion of what I call the fair share amount.  It would be impossible to charge for each individual event, especially for only the event that your child(ren) are attending.  Thus, the reason for the fair share amount.  If anyone wishes to see the breakdown of the fees and how it is obtained, please let me know and I will gladly share it with you.  I will also have this with me at the meeting (in the WSHS band room) on the 17th.  The band fair share amount this year is $210, $30 up from last year.  Some things increased in price (buses, cost for competitions, etc.), while other elements have stayed the same.

I look forward to meeting everyone and having a great year with the band.  If you have any time and are willing to help with any of our functions, even if only for one time, please contact our boosters through the website and they will share our upcoming events and what we need help with – as we always need parental help.  Fundraisers will be up on the calendar as soon as we have all of the information set which will also offset the cost of the fair share amount.  Again, much of this will be discussed on the 17th at 6pm in the band room.

Brian Sims

Calendar updates

Hello Everyone,

Please take a look at the calendar and be aware of the dates listed.  I have posted everything we normally do on the site so far.  There will be a couple other events to be placed on the calendar, but it is predicated upon the information I receive as it becomes available.  Have a great rest of the break and I will see everyone on the 17th.