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Ensemble list for 2020-21

Attached is the ensemble listing for this coming year. At the moment, after conversations with Mrs. Holland, we are currently not having band camp until SCS has a plan in place and/or a vaccine is created to protect all students and their families.

Band slide show 2019-20

Thank you to the officers and everyone that contributed to the creation and delivery of this. Normally, we would have this to share during the end of the year band banquet, but that could not happen this year. Also, awards, as I have always provided, could not happen for the same reasons.

I miss working with all of you and hope to see all of you at band camp (assuming we are allowed to still have it). For those seniors that I was able to see during the “Graduation drive through,” I am glad I had one more opportunity to say goodbye. This has been a challenging year and I look forward to the year ahead and making it as amazing as it can be no matter what form it takes. The band leadership team is, again, very strong this year and already working very well together.

I will post updates on band camp and such once I actually have information that is viable and relevant. For now, enjoy the slide show and thank you to everyone for a great year. Enjoy the summer and be safe!

Auditions for 2020-21

Please be aware that  auditions are due from everyone June 1st.  I wish everyone a great audition and look forward to hearing everyone perform.  

Music is available for next year’s ensembles.  The music is under the music tab.  All auditions will be done via google drive (make sure to make it shareable).  This will give everyone extra time and preparation without the stress of the live audition that so many dread.  If you are already in Wind Ensemble, you do not need to audition again – only if you are trying out for a new ensemble.

Percussion, I am aware that hardly anyone has any access to mallet instruments or timpani at the moment so please be aware that I am only asking for the snare music for right now. Follow the instructions on the audition page for now. I will audition everyone on the other instruments when we return to band camp or school, depending on what we are able to actually do. I know many will have had no time on the other instruments, but I need to have a general idea of everyone’s skill level before placing everyone.

Again, if you are already in Wind Ensemble as a percussionist, you will not have to audition. This applies only to those trying to move up and those coming into our program. This may mean a couple people switch classes but not likely. I don’t know who has signed up for what at the moment.

2020-21 Leadership Positions

After several hours of interviews conducted by the current leadership group, the results have come out for the Leadership Team for the coming year.  The following will begin transitions with the current leaders, especially since we are no longer on campus.  Please welcome the new leadership team for 2020-21!

  • Band President – Grant Baxter
  • Vice Presidents – Kendall McKinney, Xavier Norman
  • Drum Majors – Breeze Smith, Raelon Dahmer, Victor Goon
  • Woodwind Captain – Ayrika Anderson
  • Brass Captain – Adam Brooks
  • Drumline Captain – Kyndle Lee
  • Flute Section Leader – Maliya Conway
  • Clarinet Section Leader – Natal Kechena
  • Saxophone Section Leader – Ethan Yang
  • Trumpet/Mellophone Section Leader – Aaron Ford
  • Trombone Section Leader – Leslie Avila
  • Baritone Section Leader – Wen Xue
  • Sousaphone Section Leader – Troy Staton

Congratulations to the selected few who will help lead and become the motivating force behind our program.  I am very proud of everyone that interviewed.  Even though we are all homebound at the moment, we have a bright path in front of us to follow.  I hope everyone is healthy and safe.


Band uniforms update

We have a couple of updates pertaining to Band uniform orders:

The concert shirts and various other items not yet delivered with the initial order will be picked up and delivered to the school today. The students can collect them after school.

The additional orders placed with Champion after the initial order will ship and should be delivered before the end of September ensuring that students will have concert shirts in time for the Fall concert on October 1st.

Unfortunately, in order to achieve this the cutoff for ordering has been moved up to September 13th. This is the only way to ensure  a timely delivery for everyone’s order. In addition, if for some reason you don’t immediately see the Adult sizes on the website be sure to click the size link and scroll down to find them. Thank you for your understanding and Go Spartans!

The ordering site can be found here.